Sports and activities

The Valley of Santa Felicita (Valle Santa Felicita) where is located B&B Monte Grappa, is a natural amphitheater located between Semonzo and Romano d'Ezzelino. Its privileged and protected position guarantees to stay in absolute tranquility, immersed in greenery and surrounded by an enchanting landscape.

Valle Santa Felicita

Nevertheless, B&B Monte Grappa provides easy access to all sporting and cultural activities present at the foot of Monte Grappa. Its central location easily connects to all major cities and tourist resorts in Veneto. In particular:

  • B&B Monte Grappa is located 500 meters from the landing point of the free fly and a few minutes from all the main launch points of Monte Grappa
  • B&B Monte Grappa is located 2 minutes from the most popular climbing wall of Veneto area
  • B&B Monte Grappa is located in Valle Santa Felicita, starting point of many tracks towards Monte Grappa and the other town of the foothill
  • B&B Monte Grappa is located about 10 km from Brenta river, one of the most popular Rafting river of Europe, where during all year many professional athletes train on these sports