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Free Fly Semonzo

Monte Grappa is one of the most popular areas of Europe for the practice of free fly, and in particular of paragliding. The area of the massif of Monte Grappa that includes Romano d'Ezzelino, Valle Santa Felicita, Semonzo and Borso del Grappa is particularly suited for the practice of these sports. The orography of Monte Grappa protects the town at its foot by the winds coming from the north. Furthermore, the connection with launching points is extremely quick and easy, thanks to the network of existing roads. The presence of many flat areas for landing and updrafts make Monte Grappa massif a unique place for those who want to practice free fly.

B&B Monte Grappa Guest House is located about 500 meters from the main free fly landing point and a few minutes away from all the launching points, either the ones of Semonzo and Borso del Grappa and the one of Romano d'Ezzelino in Costalunga.