B&B in Romano d'Ezzelino

Romano d'Ezzelino is located at the foot of Monte Grappa, about 5 minutes from Bassano del Grappa, in the province of Vicenza. Romano d'Ezzelino is considered one of the most beautiful and characteristic areas of the foothills del Grappa, full of history and stories that he was the protagonist, one of all the First World War, of which Romano d'Ezzelino and Monte Grappa still bear testimony.

Romano d'Ezzelino is well known for the dominance of Ezzelini started in 1200 and the famous Col Bastia, also called "Colle di Dante", in which the father of the Italian language dedicated a passage in the Divine Comedy.

Romano d'Ezzelino is well known for its events, in particular for the "Palio dei Mussi," which in the period of April/May attracts thousands of tourists and curious.

The town of Romano d'Ezzelino also includes the Valley of Santa Felicita (Valle Santa Felicita), a natural amphitheater at the foot of Monte Grappa, where you can practice sports like hiking or trekking, Nordic Walking, climbing or simply spend a day outdoors, surrounded by wild nature. It's in this very place that B&B Monte Grappa Guest House is located, immersed in the peace and tranquility of the most beautiful valley of Monte Grappa.

Romano d'Ezzelino'